Your home is your biggest asset you have and you need to make sure its protected against the powerful hurricane forces that sooner or later will hit South Florida.

If you own a business in South Florida you probably know the risks of being unprotected when a storm hits. Business lose millions of dollars when a hurricane hits and not having any protection not only is risk it’s also dangerous and it’s against the law. If you own a business you need to be prepared and maintain or replace your shutters and make sure all the windows in your building are up to code  and in good condition.

Impact Doors & Windows


Impact Resistant Glass for Windows and Doors If you have a home or business in a hurricane, tornado or high-crime zone, impact windows are your perfect solution to provide effortless protection for your home, building and valuables. Impact resistant glass for windows and doors combines heavy-duty sealants with impact resistant glass to provide the ultimate in protection. We offer a wide-variety of window sizes, shapes, frame colors, and glass color allowing you to customize your windows and doors to compliment …

Accordion Shutters


These shutters function similarly to the rolling shutters but slide on a wheel track horizontally. They bunch up like an accordion while not in use, affixed to the side of a window. Accordion shutters are also made of extruded aluminum though they tend to be one of the most affordable storm shutter types. …

Rolling Shutters


Rolling shutters retract around a center reel into a roll whenever not in use. They are affixed to the top of a window or ledge and roll downward. The slats are typically build in such a way that this type of shutter provides a solid barrier against anything a storm can throw at it. …



A sunroom is a glass and screen outdoor living room installed on a wood or concrete foundation. It is also referred to as a patio room, solarium, patio enclosure or Florida room. Walls of glass bring in sunlight and protect you from wind, bugs, rain, and chill. Composed primarily of single…